anthrolab ° neuroland


design for a media installation
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anthrolab ° neuroland creates a sensual environment as a testing ground where communication takes place under very specific conditions. The laboratory houses five cages that serve as body casings. These can be opened at the back so that they can be entered and surround the entire body of the user. Hidden reels are situated underneath the casings and a handrail at the inside at hand level, allowing the cages to be moved: They follow the movement of the user in space. A vision panel is provided at eye level, which is mirrored on the outside. It allows for an outlook but no view of the inside. Speakers and a microphone are embedded at the inside of the casings, to provide a simultaneous verbal communication of all five users via teleconference. A camera situated inside, above the vision panel, records the eyes of the communicating parties and this image is projected onto the walls of the laboratory.