how we work.

We seek a close and trusting cooperation with our clients in an open and creative atmosphere to be able to fully understand their goals, ideas, wishes and passions and accommodate them.

What should be experienced in a certain space? What are the capabilities of the space? What does it offer? To which desires does it cater? What atmospheres are created? Which movements and spatial experiences become possible? Which materials best support these experiences? Through suitable questioning, we always orient our designs towards human beings. Insights from perception psychology and neurobiology play an important role in this process.

We like to work with people who expect more than the usual and the known, who are willing to invest in tangible and holistic spatial experiences and who are open to venture the novel.

We combine creative work with extensive experience in the execution of projects, efficient cost controlling and effective project management. Long standing experience with big and also international projects as well as professional methodic tools assures realistic planning and a reliable implementation.

We place a high value on early and clear communication and transparency with all those involved in a project. We are highly familiar with the critical turning points in the project process and thus adeptly minimize risks and use of resources with proactive communication and competent mediation.

Arne Wegner services clients as a consultant and contact person throughout the entire project process. He continuously keeps the clients’ perspective in mind and actively informs them.

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