I act on the assumption that spaces do have an essential effect on the mental, emotional and somatic condition of human beings.

Therefore, I create vital and persuasive spaces – buildings and spatial scenes and objects – that move, enrich and extend human beings and offer them opportunities for interaction and have a positive influence on their well-being and motivation.

With great passion, I develop spaces that go far beyond the usual implementation of basic needs and therefore inspire people because motivational and psychological perceptional aspects are incorporated in a playful way.

I consistently search for new potentials in architecture to develop refined and unexpected solutions.

The smallest details are an opportunity to create unanticipated perspectives, to allow for unconventional uses or to integrate materials that astonish and inspire due to their visual and haptic experience.

I understand sustainability and ecology not only as the economic use of resources and the intelligent application of technologies, but I pursue and am emphatic on an aesthetic understanding of sustainability: Spaces are truly sustainable and ecological when their experience inspires us and their use fosters our well-being.

Special attention is always given to the precise understanding of a site, its context and the respectful transformation of these givens. Melting innovative architecture with these aspects into a completely new condition of a site is essential for my approach.

Architectonic spaces should move us intellectually, emotionally and physically. That is what makes them memorable. And, what we remember defines our identity.

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